Leather Remote Key Holder Keyless Entry Transmitter Case Cover For Land Rover Range Rover Discovery 4 Freelander 2 Polar aurora key chain key cover (black) – For Sale $19.80

1, Upscal Natural First layer leather, exquisite in touch and Moderate in hardness 2, designed on one to one ratio to the real key, the key case heighly fits the real key. laser cutting makes the shape accurate, fine workmanship. 3, using rilievo art technology to carve the button and the whole shape, combining with modern technology to make the model, then cold forming, which makes the button pattern solid and offers a great feel on version and touch. 4, high-quality alloy with upscale electroplating technology, its surface is smooth, doesn’t rust easily 5, diligent design, Effectively prevent the key off the metal, make the key more safe

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