Jethro [SC330v2] [Red] 3G Unlocked Flip Senior & Kids Cell Phone FCCIC Certified SOS Emergency Button 2.4 Large LCD with Large Keypad. [Updated Firmware] [Red Color] – For Sale $64.99

The SC330 is a flip phone with the classic flip design. This phone will work on the majority of 3G WCDMA or 2G GSM networks in North America, as well as Canada. Some examples include T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and much more. The SC330 has a significantly enhanced volume; it even equips with a speaking keyboard feature that can turn on and off. On the back of this phone, you will find that there is a very convenient SOS Panic Button that can call up to 6 contacts in order and also send out a customizable text message. This phone will even come with a built-in FM radio that can plays wherever you are. Simplicity at it is best; the SC330 has a loudspeaker and large display, so you can enjoy the most reliable phone you have ever used at ease.

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